The Dobre Brothers Apologize After Video From Meet and Greet Goes Viral

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The Dobre Brothers Apologize After Video From Meet and Greet Goes Viral


The Dobre Brothers, YouTube stars, have apologized after a clip from their meet and greet went viral on the internet. In the video, fans and non-fans alike noticed that the brothers appeared to be uninterested when a fan came up to take a picture with them. 


The fiasco began when the clip, posted on Twitter by @DANCINGCV, garnered all the wrong attention from Twitter denizens. The comments particularly caused people to express sympathy for the young girl who had taken her picture with them. Many pointed out that the Dobre Brothers owed it to the girl to at least put a genuine smile on their face during the photo-taking. 


Photo Credit via @DANCINGCV on Twitter


In the video, it could also be heard that the young girl even said “Hi” to them, but not one of them even said “Hi” back. 


The outrage might have gotten out of control, as most things in social media do, but a quick peek at the ticket prices for the event will make anyone understand where people are coming from. According to PopBuzz, a website and mobile app for the next digital generation, the General Admission ticket price was at $29.99, and the meet and greet ticket plus admission pushes that number up at $75.99. The ticketing can also go as high up as $199.99. There’s even a $599.99-worth ticket called the “Dobre Army Ultimate Fan Experience.” While it is unclear if the girl paid for a ticket higher than $199.99, it’s obvious that she at least paid $80 dollars for the standard meet and greet photo op. 


If others called out the brothers, others went to defend them. After Lucas Dobre retweeted the trending video on Twitter, it became clear that they really were going through something. 


He wrote: 


Photo Credit via @lucasdobre on Twitter


“We just wanted to apologize. After a long 48 hours of restless filming and touring then meeting thousands of fans with no sleep we were exhausted by the end of our show. Our true apologies ❤️ we are sincerely sorry.” 



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