Couple Gets Married In Hospital After Groom Had Brain Surgery

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Couple Gets Married In Hospital After Groom Had Brain Surgery


Jessica Dahns, 30, was about to tie the knot with Timothy Berthy, 25, when he was rushed to the hospital to undergo emergency brain surgery to remove a portion of the left side of his skull due to an abscess in his brain, reports Ellen Scott of the UK’s highest-circulating newspaper Metro. Two days later, Timothy woke up from a medically induced coma and he said to Jessica, “You, me, forever.” The couple first met in 2013 and got engaged in 2014. They spent years planning their wedding. 

Timothy and Jessica’s $10,000-wedding was to be held in a local firehouse where he worked as a volunteer firefighter. Two days before the big day, the 25-year-old started to behave peculiarly. Jessica, who works for a medical provider, explains, “Everything was going to plan, then the day before our wedding rehearsal dinner, we were setting up the firehouse and Timothy kept falling asleep.” 


Photo Credit: Jessica Berty/ (via Metro)


Timothy also complained of a bad headache. But more alarmingly, he fell asleep on the floor or on tables. He was sent home, but the next morning, while he was in the living room watching TV, he started speaking gibberish. Jessica called Amy, Timothy’s mother, to check up on him. An hour later, Amy called Jessica to inform her that Timothy needed to go to the hospital.  

Doctors told the 30-year-old that a sinus infection “spread to Timothy’s brain” and resulted in an abscess. “It went up into his brain and his brain swelled. We sat in the hospital at 6:30 in the morning on what would have been our wedding day,” Jessica narrates. 


Photo Credit: Jessica Berty/ (via Metro)


A week after the successful operation, the couple decided to get married in Timothy’s hospital room. “It was pretty much another regular day. Timothy kept asking about us getting married,” Jessica says. She contacted ordained minister and friend Courtney Gondringer, 28, and asked him to come over to the hospital after work. “The nurses got Timothy dressed because he was still hooked up to drains and tubes. My mom and I got dressed in the bathroom,” Jessica reveals. 

Timothy was discharged from the hospital two weeks later. He remarks, “Jessica never left my side, she stuck with me, she was there the whole time. I truly knew that this was the girl that I needed to marry.”




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