Storage and Shelving Hacks for Small Rooms

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Storage and Shelving Hacks for Small Rooms


Only a select few will ever get a big house in our lifetime and that’s just the reality of things. It doesn’t have to mean we’ll only be stuck with cluttered small spaces, of course. We always have options about the way we want our living spaces to look like. So what if our houses or apartments are modest and small? So long as we keep them organized and tidy, we get to call it our own “castle.” 

The following are some practical advice on how to maximize storage in a small room. 


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1. Star With a Dual Purpose Bed

It’s good to start with the bed as the main furniture we can revamp to increase storage. Since the bed is important for many of us as it is a highlight at the end of our day, it can also be a type of storage if we really need extra wiggle room that isn’t crowded with small cabinets all the time. 

Make Space, a website offering help with storage for reasonable prices, suggests storage beds are great investments for small homes because it’s textbook space-saving. These can be used to store clothes, files, or secret movie collections. 



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2. Follow up With Foldable Furniture

It sounds a little trailer park-y but foldable furniture really do help a lot with house space issues. If it does bother you that much, do not fret for there are millions of different-sized tables with different styles that you can use to complement your living space. 



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3. Don’t Be Afraid to Add Storage to Other Furniture

A cabinet or a dresser is an obvious storage place, but what about the unconventional ones? It’ll actually look more well-thought-out if you furnish your home with different pieces of furniture that can double as storage too, much like the dual-purpose bed. For example, Make Space suggests incorporating storage and shelves beside your radiator. This Old House, an American home improvement media brand with television shows, adds that even ottomans with storage can help. Just add in some curtains and pillowcases in there, which also brings the convenience of changing fabrics in the living room. 



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4. Improvise, Improvise

Part of decorating a small house is also finding new ways to utilize space. Instead of being daunted by the lack of extra space, one should consider it as a fun challenge. Make Space suggests thinking about innovative ways to store even the little things. Something as simple as clip binders clipped onto desks to hold phone chords is already a huge help. 

You can also mount your shoe rack on crown-molded doors so that they are out of the way. This also frees up the floor space so that guests that come over don’t have to worry about tripping all over the place. 



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5. Float Your Shelves

Another easy hack is to just ditch storage shelves and drawers with legs and opt for floating drawers. This is especially helpful when you want to buy a TV but do not feel like adding a separate table to put it on. Floating shelves also add “more natural light flow” to any room and, coupled with white walls, can make small spaces seem slightly spacious. 



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6. Add Shelves on Your Desk Too

At this point, it’s becoming obvious that storage is just about how best you can work with the space you’ve already got by figuring out what you can squeeze into your house. Of course, there is also a need to decide which items you want to continue using and which are just basically clutter, but once you’ve gone through that, you can put necessary objects on your desk and not worry if you should throw them in the trash instead. 



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7. Go High Up

It may not have crossed your mind just yet, but you can also add shelves high up where it follows the perimeter of a certain room. Putting shelves just a little lower from the crown-molded ceiling can give you additional storage for trinkets or books that are still important to you but you are not currently using.



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