Student Turns the Tables on Online Scammer, Convinces Him to Send Him Money

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Student Turns the Tables on Online Scammer, Convinces Him to Send Him Money


An Irish student managed to one-up an internet scammer and trick him to transfer money to the student's account.

This isn't the first time that Ross Walsh, from County Kilkenny in Ireland, managed to get a sum from online scammers (which he subsequently donated to charity). Although it is big business, online scamming regularly succeeds in conning people to invest huge amounts of money—a fact that Walsh knows by now as this is his third time encountering and tricking a scammer.

"I want to waste their time so they're not wasting anyone else's time," he said, according to BBC.

Earlier this month, Walsh received an email from a so-called "Solomon Gundi" offering him a business opportunity. Solomon, who called himself a "big business banker," was asking the student to invest  £1,000 for his stock trading business.

Solomon bragged about his turnover of £35,000 the week before but was quick to eliminate any suspicion on why he was asking for £1,000, saying the money would be used to teach young people about his enviable business knowledge.

Not only did Walsh respond, saying he wanted to invest, but he also raised the offer to £50,000 to "get the ball running" and even attached proof of payment.


Photo Credit: Ross Walch via BBC


The Limerick student was bluffing,  according to the UK-based newspaper the Mirror. He even went as far as suggesting to speak in code to "avoid the taxman."

The scammer was quick to respond, saying the transfer wasn't reflected on his account yet. Walsh told Solomon that the transaction has been blocked as the bank believed it was a scam.


Photo Credit: Ross Walch via BBC


"I said they don't want to release the funds unless they see a small sum of money going from his account to my account just to prove this isn't a scam," the student told the Mirror, adding that the scammer "fell for it then."

Walsh received £25 into his account, which he donated to the Irish Cancer Society before giving Solomon "some advice."

"One thing you need to understand about county final (business) is never trust a short puck out (transaction)," he said.



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