Rich Kid Cries Upon Arriving at a Camping Trip, Says It's "Too Stressful"

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Rich Kid Cries Upon Arriving at a Camping Trip, Says It's "Too Stressful"


19-year-old Hattie loves her designer clothes and lives in a £1.8million ($2.2 million) huge detached home with her millionaire parents, reports Jane Lavender of British news platform Mirror. She has stayed in the best hotels “with the best chefs” and even flies business class. Hattie’s last holiday was a £2,000 ($2,455) break to the Maldives.

She recently swapped her lavish holidays for a three-day trip with the Hayward family from Bracknell, England. Pete, who owns his own business cleaning ovens, and weight consultant Louise have never been on a holiday with their daughters Kadie, 7, who has autism, and Chloe, 4. 


Photo Credit: Kalel Productions (via Mirror)


The Hayward family saved for six months to take their children on a three-day camping trip, priced at £180 ($221). When Hattie arrived at the campsite, she was surprised that she had to carry her own bags in a wheelbarrow. Hattie attempted to erect her own tent. Then, rain poured down, causing the pampered teen to sit down in her tent and cry.

The next day, the Hayward family and Hattie visited a farm on the campsite and had a £15 ($18) picnic for lunch. They told Hattie to spend the remaining £22.50 ($27) on choosing an afternoon activity and buying food for dinner. The teenager was surprised at the prices and decided to purchase a book instead.


Photo Credit: Kalel Productions (via Mirror)


Hattie started to remember her passion for the great outdoors and nature. She also cooked sausages, rice, baked beans, and sweet corn in an open fire. The father of the 19-year-old made his own fortune by starting a business. Pete states, “I know there's more I could do for my family. Listening to how your parents grew up has inspired me to better myself.”

By the end of the trip, Hattie learned a valuable lesson. She reflects, “I need to stop spending money on stuff that I just want and I don't need.I would just chuck money around like it was nothing but seeing how much they struggle, it's made me understand.”



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