‘Zombie Deer’ Might Soon Infect Humans

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‘Zombie Deer’ Might Soon Infect Humans


A zombie invasion seems impossible. However, scientists have begun warning the public that “zombie deer” are spreading across America. If that doesn’t scare you, this might: the disease that they carry might come without us knowing, and we’re not equipped to prevent it from happening.

The Independent UK, a British newspaper founded in 1986, reported on their official website that officials are now monitoring the spread of this chronic disease. This illness is described as a contagious, deadly, and severe neurological disorder that is prevalent in deer populations. Authorities say that the illness has now spread to at least 25 states. 


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The affected victims will show symptoms of emaciation and loss of bodily functions. It is also said that the deer, elk, and moose that have this disease don’t fear human contact. The US Center for Disease Control (CDC) says that the affected deer are found in the US and several Canadian provinces. They have also said that the chronic disease can pose a threat to humans, too. 

“We could be having human transmission occurring today and we wouldn’t even know it,” Dr. Michael Osterholm said in an interview with The Independent. He also added that the disease is different from the mad cow disease because cooking doesn’t really destroy the virus. The disease remains in the meat that humans are eating. The director of the CDC said that it took a decade to trace human transmissions related to mad cow disease. 


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He also noted that people should stop calling the disease ‘zombie deer’ because it is an inaccurate and non-scientific misnomer which makes the public scared and confused. Dr. Osterholm added that it requires state resources in order to curb the nationwide spread of the dangerous illness. 

Although there has been no human transmission of the disease yet, officials from the CDC say that the public must take steps to avoid contact with and consuming the contaminated meat. 



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