Cat Cleverly Faces Water Spray Punishment

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Cat Cleverly Faces Water Spray Punishment


People might not give them enough credit for their diva attitude but cats are as smart as they come. The difference is that cats have a way of doing things on their own and deciding for themselves, which makes them appear as though they don’t need any help at all. They don’t frantically clamor for attention like dogs do, or roll around on the floor on command for the pleasure of their owners. 


Cats are their own selves. And they can choose to both take their punishment or use it to their advantage if they want to, such is the case with this curious little kitty. 


The cat, which made an appearance on the Twitter account @Mr_Meowwwgi, is going viral for championing tough cats who know what’s what, daring to take adversity in the face. Or rather, daring to look a spray bottle of punishment straight on and find a way to fight against it. 


Most owners use spray bottles to spray at their cats when they an’t behaving well, but this cat has recently gamed the system, much to the dismay of its owner, and accepted the punishment wholeheartedly--quite literally--when it opened its mouth to catch the squirts of the water spray and drink it. 


The video garnered “over 2.6 million views in less than 15 hours of being posted on Twitter.”


Photo Credits via @Mr_Meowwwgi, @AcidsBack, and @CoalescedChaos on Twitter


As reported by NDTV, an Indian television media company that delivers daily news and the best gadget and video game reviews, the clip even encouraged other cat owners to show their brave little cats, too, taking advantage of the sprayer themselves by drinking the water squirts. 


Photo Credit via @vsblake on Twitter


One user even went so far as to show an old picture of a cat doing much the same thing for a squirt of milk from a cow’s udder. The image was captioned “It’s in their DNA” and has been liked about 4,000 times. 



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