The "Storm Area 51" Meme Caused Very Real Problems With a Small Town in Nevada

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The "Storm Area 51" Meme Caused Very Real Problems With a Small Town in Nevada


Recently, people on the internet came to the realization that they could well and truly storm Area 51 if enough people were of the same intention. The “storm” was more of a crowded entrance to a government location, which really wouldn't allow entry. It’s a joke, sure, but what happened to the small town nearby when it happened was less so. 


This was discussed in a report by CNet, formerly Computer Network, is a website publishing reviews, news, articles, blogs, podcasts, and videos on technology and consumer electronics globally. 


According to the report, while the whole joke raid had laughably turned into a music festival, it wasn’t so good for the local environment in the area. The town that was close to Area 51 called Rachel in Lincoln County talked about how difficult the sudden rush of people was to their relatively dusty and sleepy town. 


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Only about 50 people live in the place, and the only restaurant, bar and motel in the area is owned by a single person: Connie West. So then the question becomes: “How do you accommodate the 3,000 people who stormed a place essentially in the middle of nowhere without any hotels or restaurants as far as the eye could see?” Well, not very well. 


Citizens like Pat Jordan, who moved to Rachel in 1998, the incident led to a string of bad but necessary budget allocations. 


The town operates on a $250,000 budget. It’s not just the county budget that was hit, but also the personal budget of citizens there who worried that their lands would be trespassed. All they could do was put up “No Trespassing,” “Go Home,” and “No Alienstock” signs on their fences and hope it worked. 


Photo Credit via CNet


It’s easy to be a spectator, of course, and this is part of the reason why it’s so easy for some of the said spectators to disregard that even stupid things like this have horrible repercussions.



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