Beach Club Owner From the Philippines Calls Out Influencers for Demanding Accommodation in Exchange for Photos

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Beach Club Owner From the Philippines Calls Out Influencers for Demanding Accommodation in Exchange for Photos


A beach club owner from the small island of Siargao in the Philippines has come forward to call out the influx of influencers and tourists coming to the island demanding free food and lodging under the excuse that they are influencers. 


According to a report by Independent UK, a British news source bringing breaking news, commentary, and features, Gianlucca Casaccia, 40, the business owner who spoke out against this practice, said that he decided to do so after “finding yet another message containing the phrase: ‘I am an influencer.’” 


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A quick search through the platforms these people use (e.g. Instagram, YouTube) can tell anyone that influencers do feel a sense of entitlement about their content and how they are allowed to present it. But Casaccia wasn’t after their whole hustle. 


What the Italian business owner only believes is that content over payment for lodging is simply “disrespectful” and will not at all suffice or be equivalent to paying for a room. 


Casaccia says it’s come to the point where they really need to say something about it now, especially since they get about a hundred messages a day of influencers asking for the same things. 


“We kindly would like to announce that White Banana is not interested to ‘collaborate’ with self-proclaimed ‘influencers’. And we would like to suggest to try another way to eat, drink, or sleep for free. Or try to actually work,” Casaccia pleads. 


His message reached thousands of the internet’s denizens, who themselves understood how much of a problem this could be if it gets out of hand. Some influencers who were in the game a little longer came to the defense of influencer culture, which has admittedly helped tourism in certain areas of the world, but to this, Casaccia was quick to reply that he is just calling out the “wannabe influencers” who ride on the efforts and affluence of influencers who have already established themselves. 


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It’s not like Casaccia is wrong; Maldives has had a similar problem. To this day, even hotels in Bali no longer care for influencer requests, as some businesses were seriously hurt after they were approached by a group of friends for a villa only to turn the situation rapidly on its head when they “tried to bargain the balance against a couple of posts.”



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