Boy Burns Himself After Doing Viral “Fire Challenge”

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Boy Burns Himself After Doing Viral “Fire Challenge”


A 12-year-old boy has burned himself doing the “fire challenge,” one of the many viral challenges that children find on the internet and subsequently do on themselves. 


According to Mirror UK, the website for the latest UK and world news, the child's mom shared that this social media challenge requires people to light themselves up with flammable liquid that they can then set alight. The mother, Tabitha Cleary, said she discovered her son was doing the challenge when she heard her son screaming “on the back of his friend’s bike with no shirt on.” 


Photo Credit: NBC via Mirror UK


Jason, her son, had been at his friend’s house prior to the incident where he was “sprayed with nail polish remover and lit on fire during the so-called ‘fire challenge.’” Jason talked about how the fire started to sear his chin, chest, and stomach.


He said it began as a tiny fire on his body that was swatted out, only for it to engulf him further when his friends kept spraying him with nail polish remover, which contains the highly flammable chemical acetone.


Tabitha tells Mirror UK that the first instinct she had was to bring Jason to the hospital, where he then spent four days for his burns, which were identified as second-degree burns. It is here that Tabitha then spoke out about the supposed challenge and warned other mothers whose children might think about doing the challenge. 


Photo Credit: NBC via Mirror UK


"I just want everybody to know that these challenges, or whatever they’re watching on YouTube, is not worth risking your life," she warns. 


Tabitha is right to be concerned. The report further talks about how another 12-year-old child who had also participated in the challenge burned 49 percent of her body. Brandi Landers, mother of Timiyah Landers, said they were making pancakes one day when they heard a “loud bang” and found that Timiyah was “engulfed in flames.” 


Much like Jason, Timiyah was also rushed to the hospital and put in the intensive care ward where she was “bandaged from head to her knees.”



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