7 Part-Time Jobs for the College Student

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7 Part-Time Jobs for the College Student

A common belief about college, no thanks to movies, is that it’s a phase in a student’s life where they can drink booze every Friday night with peers or spend time with friends at the mall. But in reality, college life is mostly filled with sleepless nights and countless bouts of hyperventilating due to coffee overdrinking.

Kidding aside, college is where one can have a glimpse of what life has to offer after getting their degree. This is why some college students are eager to find a part-time job that can help them make extra cash even though their schedule is already full. These jobs can also be a good addition to their resume when they try to find a more stable job once they finally graduate. Here are some of the most popular jobs that college students can try.



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1. Animal Caretaker

Being an animal caretaker doesn’t mean that you will be working in a zoo or a veterinarian’s office. This is more of being a pet sitter for the neighbors who would need someone to take care of their pets while they go on vacation or even while they go to work every day. Monster.com, a global online solution for people who are looking for jobs, mentioned in their article that being an animal caretaker can also help college students to de-stress. 



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2. Babysitter or Nanny

This job requires a ton of patience as you will be dealing with children. It is important to keep your emotional and mental state if you want to enter this kind of part-time job. There are a lot of babysitting jobs that will allow you to make extra cash depending on your schedule. 

Having this job can also give you a distraction from the stress that college can bring you. It is important that you stay focused on your job in keeping an eye on the kids so that nothing bad will happen to them. 



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3. Barista

One of the most important things in college, and life in general, is coffee. This is considered as the best way for students to keep awake as they finish their paper. And since you’re already spending a lot of time in a coffee shop, you might as well make money out of it by applying for a part-time job as a barista. There are a lot of coffee shops around the university area, which is why there is a huge chance that you can score a shift in a cozy little coffee shop. If you’re a people-person and loves the smell of brewed coffee, you may start inquiring about vacancies for part-timers. 



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4. Bookkeeper

If you’re taking an accounting course, you can practice some of the knowledge you have acquired by taking a part-time job as a bookkeeper. Small and large companies are looking for someone who can keep their figures in order. This is also a perfect job for those who are knowledgeable about spreadsheets and bookkeeping software because the task mostly involves recording financial transactions and statement updates and checking financial records.



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5. Cashier

Cashier jobs are in abundance because there are a lot of supermarkets and stores around town. This job requires the employee to scan and bag purchases and of course handle money. It is important to consider your schedule since not all establishments are flexible when it comes to their part-time positions. 



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6. Tutor

There are a lot of opportunities for tutors since a lot of students from different levels need help with one or more subjects. However, it will require you to have a lot of knowledge of the subject matter so you won’t be selling your “client” short and really help them cope. This job can also give you time to focus on your own studies. As the other student works on the task you have assigned to them, you finish your own assignments and projects beside them.



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7. Bartender

Having this as a part-time job enables the student to enjoy the night-life that they might be missing because of college. The catch is you have to work behind the bar and serve drinks. This is a very fast-paced environment where one should always be focused and calm.



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