New Graphic Photographs Reveal Brutal Cruelty Against Animals Used As Handbags

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New Graphic Photographs Reveal Brutal Cruelty Against Animals Used As Handbags


Animals have been used as a source of food, entertainment, and even fashion for people across the world. This business has grown over the past few years, endangering millions of animals. This was proven by the charity World Animal Protection, who released a recent report revealing that millions of wild animals are being kept as exotic pets or killed for their skin and fur.


Photo Credit: Unilad


Although communities are trading animals in this way, Dr. Neil D’Cruze, Global Wildlife Advisor at World Animal Protection, believes that it doesn’t make it right. The wildlife trade is pushing many animals to the brink of extinction. Every year, the top five ‘big’ and ‘little’ species are being taken from the wild or bred in commercial farms for their skin and the exotic pet trade. The most in-demand species for their skin include seals, crocodiles, zebras, elephants, and hippos. At the same time, pythons, parrots, scorpions, tortoises, and lizards are the most in-demand as exotic pets.

According to Unilad, a British Internet media company and website owned by LADbible Group that provides social news and entertainment, the report showed that about 2.7 million vulnerable animals from Africa were legally farmed or captured in just four years. An average of over 189,000 lengths of skin from Nile crocodiles, who were intensively farmed to be slaughtered and skinned for their leather, were exported annually between 2011 and 2015.


Photo Credit: World Animal Protection


Also, elephants are being killed for their ivory and their skin while seals are shot or clubbed and sometimes even skinned alive for their fur to be used in fashion accessories, like handbags and gloves. In an interview, Tennyson Williams, World Animal Protection’s Africa director, said, “Africa’s unique wildlife has been commodified – exploited for money, without full consideration for their welfare or conservation – but it doesn’t have to be this way.”


Photo Credit: Unilad


“Together, we, as the global community and African nations can work together to be custodians of wildlife, or we can choose to allow this cruel exploitation to continue – to the point of no return.”



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