Man Who Got Fired From His Job Keeps Showing Up and Getting Paid For Four Years

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Man Who Got Fired From His Job Keeps Showing Up and Getting Paid For Four Years


Former New York-based subway maintenance man Ronald Berry, 47, was arrested after earning $250,000 in wages after he was fired from his job six years ago, explains Lucy Connolly of British media company and platform Unilad. He claims he was unaware of it, asserting that he has been on sick leave since 2015 due to high blood pressure and asthma. 

Berry traveled to a city Transit office every two weeks to claim his salary, and he has been doing it “without any problems” since then. However, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) realized something was amiss and notified the authorities. The 47-year-old was arrested for trespassing when he arrived to pick up his earnings on October 3. He tells daily newspaper New York Post, “I never got a call that I was terminated,” quotes David Meyer, Israel Salas-Rodriguez, Dean Balsamini, and Ruth Weissmann. He adds that he has been collecting his paycheck for four years, blaming the problem on the MTA. 



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Berry asked his boss how he was still getting paid even if they terminated him in 2013. They allegedly told him, “That’s not my problem, that’s payroll’s problem.” It is not known how the man ended up receiving his paycheck in 2015, two years after he was terminated. Berry is even more perplexed, as he claims that the agency has been sending him letters in recent months. The letters tell him he needs training. 



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Berry explains, “If I’m terminated why am I getting letters from them? The last one I got was at the end of last month and I believe it was for asbestos training or track training.” Sources from the MTA state that the agency now uses biometric fingerprint technology system for “clocking in, clocking out” to put an end to Berry’s claims. His paychecks have the note “hours worked,” suggesting that the man could not mistake them as sick pay.  

Berry as charged with criminal trespassing by the New York Police Department (NYPD) after “being observed inside an employee-only NYC transit facility.”




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