Man Gets "Banned" From His Favorite Takeaways, Loses 20 Stone

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Man Gets "Banned" From His Favorite Takeaways, Loses 20 Stone


28-year-old Darren “Dibsy” McClintock was “banned” from his favorite takeaways after being called out for eating to his death, writes Sam Corbishley of the UK’s highest-circulating newspaper Metro. He consulted 36-year-old gym boss Mike Hind after doctors warned him he would die if he did not adopt a healthier lifestyle. 

Hence, McClintock gave up on fizzy drinks and fast food, opting for a more controlled diet and a rigorous training regime that enabled him to burn 3,000 calories a day. Hind created posters to deliver to all of McClintock’s favorite takeaways saying: “Save Dibsy. Obesity is killing him. Do not serve this man.” He managed to lose 20 stone 12 months later and one week shy of McClintock’s target date.


Photo Credit: SWNS (via Metro)


Hind states, “How can you put into words what has happened? Twelve months ago Dibsy was told he was going to die if he didn’t lose weight.” When Hind first met McClintock, he could “hardly walk a flight of stairs.” He was even screaming in pain because he was not used to it. Since undergoing his weight loss journey, McClintock won a charity boxing match, completed the Great North Run, and found a girlfriend. Hind lauds McClintock for his hard work.  

He adds, “I cannot fault Dibsy. He did everything I asked of him and did everything that was expected.” During McClintock’s appearance on television program This Morning this year, he says his training sessions were “difficult,” but he enjoyed them nevertheless. He explains, “The training is hard. I lay in bed at night and think it’s going to be hard tomorrow, but I know I’ve got to do it.” 


Photo Credit: Mike Hind/SWNS (via Metro)


Presently, McClintock hopes to raise enough funds for his operation to remove his excess skin brought about by his weight loss. The 28-year-old and Hind have been consulting with plastic surgeons, as he is healthy enough to undergo the operation. Hind remarks, “He’s now got a girlfriend and he’s very happy, he met someone on his journey. He’s not just saved his life, he’s changed it for the better.”



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