Woman Quits Job As A Funeral Director To Become A Professional Mermaid

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Woman Quits Job As A Funeral Director To Become A Professional Mermaid



28-year-old Jasmine Seales shifted careers because dealing with grieving families as a funeral director made her miserable, reports Natalie Morris of the UK’s highest-circulating newspaper Metro. She now works as a professional mermaid and vows “I’ll do it until it puts me in a wheelchair’ because she loves her new job so much. Seales trains in the water two times a week and can hold her breath for two minutes and 35 seconds. 



Photo Credit: Solent News (via Metro)


When she performs in birthday parties, events, and festivals, Seales wears bejeweled bras and “dragon skin platinum silicone” mermaid tails. Notably, the professional earns £100 ($122) per hour. Seales, who has fibromyalgia, discovered the unique profession when she was at a festival in the Isle of Wight, England. She recounts, “There was a girl there doing displays and it just looked really interesting,’ I got speaking to her and I thought why not give it a go. It has been a life-changing decision.”



Photo Credit: Jasmine Seales/Solent News (via Daily Star)


However, being a professional mermaid isn’t just about photoshoots on the beach. It also involves skill! Seales needed to undergo rigorous training to control her breathing underwater. “I train once or twice a week and just being in the water in general really helps my body in check. When training, you have to learn how to control your breathing and your heart rate to be able to perform underwater for prolonged periods of time,” she explains. According to Seales, it initially feels unnatural, but the more she does it, the more she gets used to it. 

She adds that the sport is booming in the US. However, it is still gaining popularity in the UK. Seales comments, “It has just been so much fun and it’s a really creative thing to do.” She even participated in the Miss Mermaid UK pageant. The event’s rationale was to raise funds and awareness for the organization Sea Shepard UK.




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