Woman Donates More Than 45,000 Lipsticks To Shelters

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Woman Donates More Than 45,000 Lipsticks To Shelters


In 2015, Sheryl Kurland forged deep bonds with the women she met while volunteering at a domestic violence shelter in Florida, writes Caitlin Keating of celebrity and human interest news platform People. 62-year-old Kurland explains, “I was doing something beneficial, but when I really got to know these women up close and personal, I realized how raw and vacant they felt.” She notes that they were “beautiful on the outside,” but see themselves as “nothing and invaluable.” 

Kurland tried to find ways to help the women at the shelter find their inner beauty and regain their strength. Then, “she remembered what her mother told her when she was growing up.” Kurland, who used to be a freelance writer and marketing consultant, recounts, “She always said, ‘Sheryl, if you want to feel better go put on a little lipstick.’ That kind of struck me, so I went and bought a whole bunch of lipsticks and I started bringing them to the workshops.” 



Photo Credit: Sheryl Kurland (via People)


Kurland would thank the women for attending the workshop and give each of them a lipstick. Everyone’s faces lit up when they applied it. She narrates, “They became happy and they were laughing.” The women even helped each other choose the right color. According to Kurland, “They all feel the magic when they wear it.” Inspired, she founded Find Your Fabulosity, emphasizing “the description of what suddenly appeared in these women. It was as their fabulosity.”

Kurland and 50 volunteers now go door to door for donations. More shelters heard about it and they also signed up and donated lipsticks. Kurland asserts that women who wear lipstick feel more empowered and confident. As of this writing, her organization has donated over 45,000 lipsticks to domestic violence victims at more than 200 domestic violence shelters. 



Photo Credit: People


The stories from the women keep Kurland motivated. One woman said that she started to wear makeup again because she felt good about herself. Kurland says, “The one thing she was going to go buy first was a lipstick, but she didn’t have enough money and I did that for her. That means everything to me.”




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