Mom Claims Haribo Candy Could Identify If Your Child Broke Their Facial Bone

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Mom Claims Haribo Candy Could Identify If Your Child Broke Their Facial Bone


A mom shared a useful tip she got from a nurse on how to check if a child broke their facial bone, according to Faima Bakar of the UK’s highest-circulating newspaper Metro. Netmums editor Wendy Wood rushed her four-year-old daughter, Grace, to the hospital after she fell over in the playground on her first day of school. Grace was left with a “bruised eye and cheekbone.” 

When Wendy and Grace arrived at the hospital, a nurse recommended instructing her daughter to chew on a Haribo confectionery before taking her to the A&E (accident and emergency). The nurse claimed that it could identify whether any facial bones are “actually broken.” Wendy then shared the hack on Facebook writing, “Nifty mum-trick I learned today from a brilliant A&E nurse…if your child has bashed their face and you’re worried they may have broken a bone, give them a Haribo to chew.” She added that if a child can’t chew the candy, then it’s best to take them to the A&E as soon as possible. 


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Wendy revealed that Grace hadn’t fractured anything. Fellow moms and dads thought it was a handy trick, however, some warned that it could “do more harm than good.” An Australian woman at St. Mary’s Hospital Medical School at Imperial College London opposed the sweet trick. 

Ley Anne, who had plenty of experience in A&E, asserted, “I’ve been fortunate enough to work in A&E for most of my working life. Never, in my entire career if a parent brought a child to me concerned about a facial fracture would I use a Haribo to make a diagnosis.” If a child had a facial fracture, she would not encourage her kids to chew on Haribo until a health professional assessed them.


Photo Credit: Wendy Wood/Facebook (via Metro)


One parent explained that she once broke her lower jaw. Interestingly, she was unaware of it, as her arm hurt more than her face. If the said parent chewed a sweet, her jaw would be misaligned and might need an operation. Hence, the lesson here is to consult a specialist before helping oneself or another person.




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