Authorities Found Teen ‘Passionately Kissing Signpost’

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Authorities Found Teen ‘Passionately Kissing Signpost’


There is nothing more fun than a Friday night filled with booze and… more booze. But always remember that there is a limit to drinking alcohol, because we all know that nothing good comes when one is completely intoxicated. 

UNILAD UK, a company that provides "social news" and entertainment, reported on their website that authorities recently found a drunk teenager passionately making out with a signpost. This hilarious encounter is just one of many examples that shows that you should always keep your alcohol drinking at bay. You might be spending a good time with your friends or just want to forget about heartbreak, but it is important to note that there is a fine line between being tipsy and drunk.


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Drinking alcohol can come in handy when it comes to social gatherings or if you just want to relax during the weekend. But, being drunk can make your judgment clouded, which could lead you to do hilarious or stupid things that you might fail to remember the morning after. This case in Plymouth proved that a night of drinking can get one up close and personal with other people, and objects, around them.


Photo Credits: @PlyCSecResp (via Unilad UK)


The 16-year-old was caught by authorities on August 9. The lad was caught by a passing ambulance crew who was shocked and baffled before they realized that he was intoxicated. Aside from that, they also found out that the teen was underage, and the legal drinking age in the United Kingdom is 18 years old. 


Photo Credits: @PlymCSecResp (via Unilad UK)


The Plymouth C Section Response tweeted on their official Twitter account that the boy didn’t have any house keys or any contact information with him. This means that the ambulance crew had a hard time tracking down his parents. On the other hand, the Crownhill Police officials hoped that the said incident will make young people think twice about their limitations when drinking alcohol.