Not a Face Swap: This Dog's Face Looks Like a Human Being's

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Not a Face Swap: This Dog's Face Looks Like a Human Being's


An adorable dog named Nori has charmed and baffled the internet, as people are wondering whether or not his owners used a face swap application for his photos, writes Faima Bakar of the UK’s highest-circulating newspaper Metro. Nori is an Aussiepoo mix, a designer breed that has perplexed people in the past due to their human-like appearance. The dog has “large, almond-shaped eyes” with a hint of blue and his lips resemble a “very human smile.” 

Owners 33-year-old Kevin Hurless and Tiffany Ngo, 34, are used to the attention they receive on the internet, but the couple enjoys seeing “everyone do a double-take.” They shared a photo of Nori on Twitter, which went viral. Kevin, an energy consultant from Seattle, recounts, “When he was a puppy, we couldn’t go more than a block without someone stopping us to ask questions about him.” The dog’s owners often hear how his face and eyes look like that of a human being. 


Photo Credit: Caters (via Metro)


Kevin adds, “When he was a puppy, his fur was much darker, and he often was compared to Chewbacca or an Ewok from Star Wars.” Kevin and Tiffany created an Instagram page to document Nori’s adventures. Contract administrator and Nori’s “mom” Tiffany explains that users comment on the animal’s human-like features because he looks like “a giant person.” Meanwhile, there are others who marvel at Nori’s eyes. 



Photo Credit: @norichiban (via Instagram)


At first, the couple was surprised by all the attention. Since getting a new furry friend for Nori, Kevin and Tiffany have been able to notice his striking human features. Kevin explains, “We made the decision to get Nori a friend last year, Boba, who is a one-year-old Shorkie – which is a Shih-tzu, Yorkie mix. ‘You can see Nori’s human look even more when the two are stood side by side.” Interestingly, Nori is tiny, weighing only 13 pounds and “is mostly just fluff.” According to his owners, he looks totally different when bathing. 



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