Public Transportation Etiquette That You Should Practice

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Public Transportation Etiquette That You Should Practice


Everywhere you go, it matters that you should behave properly in public. And since public transportation is one of the things that we usually do every day, it is important that one knows how to act accordingly while commuting. There might come a time where we have to travel in a conservative country where it is frowned upon if a person doesn’t display courteous behavior so it is better to be equipped and prepared.

Here are some of the things to remember when using a public transportation vehicle:


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Stand on Your Right, Walk on the Left

This rule is applicable when you’re using an escalator. Daily Hive, a Canadian online news source, explained in their article that this manner allows people who are in a hurry to quickly pass on the left. It is also similar to the rules of the road where the slow-moving vehicles are positioned on the side in order to let the other move through.



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Let Passengers Exit First

Never block the passageway. If you’re using a train or an elevator, always make way for the people who will exit. The Spruce, an online resource of practical, real-life tips and inspiration, said in an article that blocking the way will just create a logjam that will make other people furious and angry. It can also delay the amount of time that you have to waste before entering the elevator or train. 

If there is a case where you’re close to the door, and someone else is trying to disembark, move to the side or temporarily step out of the bus or train. But make sure that you do this quickly so the bus or train will not leave without you.



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Pay Accordingly

There is no excuse as to not pay on a public transport vehicle. Every single passenger onboard pays taxes as you do. This manner is also an act of stealing which you commit just to give yourself a free ride. Besides, it is also punishable by law, if someone you are caught not paying for a ticket or paying for your fare.



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Keep Your Conversations Soft and Quietly

Talking softly and quietly doesn’t mean that you should refrain from having a conversation with a friend or fellow passenger. It just means that you should avoid having loud conversations that will disturb other passengers on board. This also includes having a quiet conversation on your mobile phones, after all nobody wants to listen to your conversation. 

Aside from that, do not inflict unnecessary noise from your gadgets. It is advisable that when you’re riding public transportation, you must bring your own earphones if you want to watch or listen to music or watch videos. Sure, your music taste is great but other people have their own taste, while some just want to rest and have a nice and quiet trip.



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Practice Good Hygiene

Having good hygiene also includes not littering around the vehicle. If you’re in a public vehicle or carpooling, it doesn’t take much to practice good manners when it comes to your hygiene. Always, wear deodorant when going outside, but do not put too much perfume if you’re going on a crowded train. Remember that there might be some people around you who might be allergic to the scent of your perfume.

It is also a golden rule to not drop your trash anywhere. If it happens that you have to eat while commuting, make sure that you have an extra plastic bag. Throwing away your trash is an immature thing to do and it is also disrespectful to the next passenger who will sit at your place soon.



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Avoid Showing Rude Manners

There are certain situations where one should stand up and call out other passengers, such as when someone is harassing the other passenger beside them. However, do not act like an uneducated buffoon who yells at anyone just because you don’t like the way they act. Calmly approach the person you want to confront, because there is no point in making a scene. It will just agitate the other person and it will not solve anything.



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Be Courteous and Generous

Some might say that chivalry is dead if a man refuses to take a seat for a woman on board the vehicle. But, since we are living in the 21st century, this is not really true. If it happens that you’re a physically-capable woman, who is not that tired, it shouldn’t be a big deal if you stand up for a few minutes. 

Be a good person instead and give your seat to others who look bone-tired from their jobs. Also, being a gentleman or ladylike can also manifest by helping other people who struggle with mobility in a moving vehicle.



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