Female Zookeeper Who Lost a Leg to a Bear Begs to Pardon the Predator

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Female Zookeeper Who Lost a Leg to a Bear Begs to Pardon the Predator


Vera Blishch, a female zookeeper, is known for kissing brown bears. Back in 2015, she kissed a brown bear on the tongue on the opening of Ussuriysk zoo, saying that a bear is the most dangerous predator on our planet. “Bears are trained almost nowhere except for Russia. Even by kissing the bear just now, I might lose my head within a split second,” she said. 


Photo Credit: Daily Mail


This year, Blishch is in the headlines again because of a bear. But this time, it’s different. According to Oddity Central, an online site that features bizarre events, unique travel destinations, weird inventions, freaky characters, odd art, and many more, the zookeeper was attacked by Manyunya, a 20-year-old female bear, with its paw while she was instructing a new colleague at the zoo. The predator’s teeth sank into her leg, which caused her leg to be amputated. She also suffered severe injuries, including multiple fractures.


Photo Credit: Daily Mail


A member of the zoo staff who witnessed the tragic incident said: “She kneeled to show how to feed a bear, then quickly stood up and felt dizzy. To gain balance Vera leaned towards a cage for split second. This was enough for a bear to pull its paw through the cage’s bars and to strike.”


Photo Credit: Daily Mail


However, instead of blaming the bear for what happened to her, Blishch insisted that it’s not the predator's fault. She was concerned over the fact that animals who attack humans are often killed. “I’ve been working with predators for over 25 years, lots of things have happened over this time – but I can say with confidence that the animals were not to blame. Manyunya is not aggressive,” she said.

Blishch added that the bear only succumbed to her natural instinct. According to the Daily Mail, a British daily middle-market newspaper published in London in a tabloid format, it is not sure if the predator that attacked her was one she saved four years ago.



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