70-Year-Old 'Lion Man' Was Mauled to Death By His Own Lions

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70-Year-Old 'Lion Man' Was Mauled to Death By His Own Lions


Big-game hunting, a kind of hunting of large game for meat, is a huge business in Africa. Most of the time, hunters capture the meat of “the Big 5” – leopards, elephants, rhinos, water buffalo, and, of course, lions. It was reported that an estimated 6,000 to 8,000 lions are bred and held captive in the country. More than 200 facilities operate there. 


Photo Credit: All That's Interesting


Lions have a reputation for being an aggressive, strong, and wild predator. However, 70-year-old Leon van Biljon, a gaming reserve owner nicknamed “The Lion Man,” wasn’t too intimidated by these facts. In fact, he owned three lions at the Mahala View Lion Game Lodge near the town of Cullinan: Rambo, Katryn, and Nakita. The same reserve was where Biljon’s home was located and at the same time, where he conducted "exclusive lion lectures, feedings and game drives for guests.”


Photo Credit: All That's Interesting


Unfortunately, Biljon would also be prey to his lions. According to All That’s Interesting, a site for curious people who want to know more about what they see on the news or read in history books, the Lion Man was fixing the fence when he was attacked by his three lions, who instantly killed him. People from the nearby lodges responded quickly and tried to help the old man. Unfortunately, they failed. Thus, the staff members were forced to kill the three lions.


Photo Credit: All That's Interesting


In an interview, Xander Loubser, a medical spokesperson said, “The decision to shoot the lions was made by people on the premises in order to get to the deceased. It is now a police matter, so the man’s remains have not yet been removed.” Unfortunately, Biljon was already dead when the paramedics arrived. 

According to Four Paws Director Fiona Miles, this unfortunate incident is a reminder that humans working at these facilities are interacting with wild animals, not pets. “These attacks can be avoided by not allowing any unnecessary human-wildlife interaction. The fact remains that lions are wild animals and no matter how habituated or tame they might seem, they remain unpredictable and instinctive,” she said. 



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