7 Tips for Lighting Your Living Room

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7 Tips for Lighting Your Living Room


If you want to have a little bit of freedom when it comes to lighting your house, it can be tricky if you don’t have the know-how. A house just becomes all the more personal when you add in a few elements yourself, and what we all want is a place that we know for sure we feel most comfortable in. 

In any house, the living room is the place to be for hanging out with everyone. It’s a good spot in the house not only for hosting friends but also for chilling out by yourself watching TV or reading a book.

If you feel like your living room is still gloomy, you can brighten it up with lights, of course. Here are some easy to remember tips to make your living room shine. 


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1. Try Ambient Lighting 

This type of lighting provides a comfortable level of illumination without too much glare. It is commonly used to complement a living room’s main lighting fixture. 

The important thing to note about ambient lighting is that it has to be balanced. Modern Place, a company that provides lighting products for the home, suggests standing in the dark area of a room you want to add ambient lighting to and evaluating areas you want to add your lights in. If one side of a ceiling has a strip of ambient lighting, the other side has to have one as well. 



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2. Go Industrial 

The living room is always designed to be the most welcoming part of the house, but even then, it helps to not to be afraid of industrial light fixtures if you feel that it matches your vision for the whole house. According to The Spruce, a lifestyle website, don’t be afraid to use arced lighting fixtures or unique sconces. 

Mid-century modern designs work too if you’re over all the pendant lighting. Forbes, an American business magazine, also suggests being creative with your lighting. For instance, if you do plan on adding pendant lights but feel it’s too much of a hassle to change your electrical setup, let the cords hang stylistically off of hooks. This way the light is still utilized without the design looking slapdash. 



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3. Create a Vibe

Some people like having rooms that are of a certain unique design that encapsulates their persona. Add lanterns, as suggested by Real Homes, a website for anyone looking for home improvement inspiration. This little twist will definitely give your living room a mellow feel to it, but keep in mind that this has to be in tandem with ambient lighting already in place. 

If you’re an art collector, it’s also good to add accent lighting to shelves to backlight pieces of art you’ve collected over the years, fully on display in your living room. 



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4. Make a Statement 

What if your living room is understated in terms of design and is a little barren? Try adding a statement lighting fixture that will draw the attention of guests. In the same way, creating a vibe gives a room in your house some depth and feel as well as some character. The Spruce adds that you should be able to hang the piece “low enough that they feel like they’re part of the room.” 



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5. Think About Connecting Areas

Of course, in most cases, the living room is not always just the living room. They are often connected with other rooms with different functionalities, such as a reading area, which also calls upon a different set of lighting. If your living room is connected to, say, a staircase, Forbes suggests not overlooking stair lighting. Decorate staircases with halogen lighting and LED bulbs, taking into consideration the color of the walls itself. If the walls are cool-toned, opt for a warm glow light, and vice versa. 



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6. Put Up Fairy Lights

Ah, yes. This trend we see almost everywhere, especially in a teenager’s bedroom. But for all its association with young people dipping their toes in interior design, stringing fairy lights even when you’re past the age of the YA novel demographic is still not that bad of an idea. According to Real Homes, fairy lights have even become a little bit of a hack in terms of livening up a room in the house. 

With the freedom associated with string lights, you can put them up anywhere—around paintings, high up along the walls, or just let them rest glittering dully around your TV. 



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7. Or Just Go Minimalist

Finally, Real Homes says that “a statement floor lamp needn’t be ornate to be effective.” Lights are still lights; more than their harmonious aesthetic matching a certain room, their main function is to really light up a room for when it is in use. So if you’re not into ornate chandeliers or the best statement fixture, you can always go for simple bronze floor lamps. 



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