Doll’s Head Trail: The World’s Creepiest Hiking Trail

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Doll’s Head Trail: The World’s Creepiest Hiking Trail


Many of us are fond of hiking and going on adventures. But if you want a little twist with your trail, you should consider going to the Doll’s Head Trail.

Located at Constitution Lakes Park in Atlanta, Georgia, the Doll’s Head Trai is, a path decorated with dolls# heads. According to Mental Floss, an online site that delivers smart, fun and shareable content in an upbeat and witty environment, the Constitution Lakes Park was home to a 19th-century brick factory. However, it was taken over by the surrounding wilderness after the brickworks shut down more than 50 years ago. Since then, it has been flooded with rainwater, creating a network of ponds. 


Photo Credit: Oddity Central


The Constitution Lakes Park is not only surrounded by trees and wildlife, but it is also the home of several creepy dolls. Oddity Central, an online site that features bizarre events, unique travel destinations, weird inventions, freaky characters, odd art, and many more, reported that Doll’s Head Trail is the brainchild of carpenter Joel Slaton. Slaton was inspired to create the trail after noticing discarded junk while hiking through the park. All of the things that are displayed in the trail are junk, including doll parts, bottles, hunks of old brick, and even appliances.


Photo Credit: Oddity Central


Now, the trail is full of disembodied doll heads which are mostly displayed artfully with signs and accessories that only add to their fear factor. The trail is also a collective effort. Slaton encourages people to contribute to it as long as they use junk found on Constitution Park grounds. 


Photo Credit: Oddity Central


“During my hikes at Constitution Lakes, I began finding doll, bicycle, automobile and appliance parts. These became the original displays. The trail started as sort of a joke for the few regulars who ventured that far back to stumble upon them. Subsequent South River clean-up projects turned up intact dolls. These activities, plus years of illegal dumping, are where most of the stuff comes from. The trail is now public art, built by the public,” Slaton said. 



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