Leon the Homeless Cat Gets a Job At a Law Firm

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Leon the Homeless Cat Gets a Job At a Law Firm


As rain pours down in Brazil’s federal district, Leon, a homeless cat, is sheltered inside the Order of Attorneys in Brazil building, states Ellen Scott of the UK’s highest-circulating newspaper Metro. Leon uses the office as his home when there is bad weather, but not everyone has approved of it, as people have filed official complaints about the cat loitering around the reception desk. 

The board of attorneys gave Leon an official job so that he could go to the reception desk whenever he wanted to. The cat may not have passed any examinations or completed his education, but he has managed to land a job in the most unconventional way. As a receptionist, Leon is responsible for greeting people. However, he has climbed up the career ladder and gotten promoted. The then homeless cat now works as a lawyer and an Instagram celebrity. 


Photo Credit: @dr_leon_advogato (via Instagram)


Dr. Jeanette Laredo posted Leon’s achievement on the Facebook group “This Cat Is Employed,” where it was shared over 11,000 times. “After a heavy rain, this little guy here seeking shelter from the storm went inside the OAB building (Brazilian equivalent of ABA, American Bar Association) and decided to stay…,” she said. Dr. Laredo further explained that people were complaining about the cat, who was trying to befriend people. 

She adds, “In order to avoid some new complaints the board gave the solution: Hire the cat as an employee… so, now it’s official this little fellow is responsible for welcoming the newcomers (whether they like it or not).” A representative for Leon says that the complaints were about the cat’s size, as visitors might step on him. 


Photo Credit: @dr_leon_advogato (via Instagram)

Interestingly, Leon may have his own office in the future. The representative informs online community Bored Panda, “We are finalizing the documents to launch an animal rights institute. It’s called Instituto Dr. Leon. Unfortunately, we cannot house all [the animals], so we will fund the NGOs in town. We will be an example for Brazil [to follow]."



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