Father With Picky Eating Disorder Hasn't Consumed Cooked Meals for 29 Years

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Father With Picky Eating Disorder Hasn't Consumed Cooked Meals for 29 Years


32-year-old father and food delivery driver Colston Hughes has not consumed cooked meals for 29 years, living solely on a diet of tinned spaghetti, toast, desserts, and crisps, reports Faima Bakar of the UK’s highest-circulating newspaper Metro. Colston, from Dursley, near Gloucester, England, claims that cooked meals “make him physically sick” because of the taste and texture. 

As an infant, Colston would regurgitate any food he was fed within minutes. Growing up, he relied on cereals, tinned goods, and snacks, as well as developed a need to ensure that none of his food touched. Colston describes this behavior as symptomatic of avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID). Eating less food meant he was hungry most of the time. He says, “I got used to eating one meal a day for four to five years, I was so used to it that I didn’t realise my body had gotten used to being hungry.” 


Photo Credit: Colston Hughes (via Metro)


Colston is at a healthy weight and tries to be active despite struggling with his dietary preferences. However, he is worried about his three-year-old daughter Holly, as she is starting to show signs of ARFID. Holly hasn’t been eating cooked meals and doctors informed Colston and April, his partner, that their daughter has signs of autism. Colston asserts it “can’t be a copycat act,” as he always eats his meals away from the rest of the family. 

Holly’s peculiar eating habits started when April was pregnant. The 32-year-old adds, “My wife couldn’t eat anything. Holly tried spaghetti and liked it and soon she started eating the same as me. If it was anything else, she would be sick.” April’s diet returned to normal, but her daughter continued to be a fussy eater. 


Photo Credit: Colston Hughes (via Metro)


Colston thinks that doctors in his hometown are “years behind.” He needs more help in understanding and dealing with ARFID. He states, “I’m just figuring out I may have a mental health condition. I just want someone to say ‘there’s nothing wrong with you,’ I want the closure of knowing I didn’t make it up.”




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