5-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Donates 3,000 Toys to Hospital Where He was Treated

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5-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Donates 3,000 Toys to Hospital Where He was Treated


Cancer survivor Weston Newswanger, 5, spent his birthday collecting 3,000 toys not for himself, but for the patients of Penn State Children’s Hospital, where the boy was treated, explains Jason Duaine Hahn of celebrity and human interest news platform People. Weston’s mother, Amy Newswanger, recalls her son’s answer to American news channel CNN, “I don’t want anything. I don’t need anything."

Upon hearing Weston’s answer, the Newswanger family suggested a donation in lieu of birthday gifts. That was when the five-year-old decided to donate toys to the hospital. For weeks, the family contacted relatives and friends and reached out to their network on social media. Thousands of toys came flooding in not long after. 



Photo Credit: Amy Newswanger (via People)


“We got 1,263 containers of Play-Doh… 71 superheroes… and then 1,249 dinosaurs. And a bunch of miscellaneous items we didn’t even add up,” Amy enumerates. On October 1, Weston delivered the toys “to children receiving care at the facility,” reports the news staff of Pennsylvania-based news station Local News 21. The donation was Weston’s way of expressing his gratitude to Penn State Children’s Hospital. 



Photo Credit: Amy Newswanger (via People)


In November 2016, he was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma. According to non-profit academic medical center Mayo Clinic, it is a rare cancer that develops in soft tissue and has a higher risk of spreading throughout the person’s body. Rhabdomyosarcoma often affects children. Weston underwent “nearly a year of treatment” at the hospital and was placed in remission for “nearly two years.” 

At that time, toys such as Play-Doh helped put a smile on Weston’s face, Amy narrates. Hence, it’s not surprising for her son to give back to the hospital and help other patients. Such generosity was the perfect way to celebrate Weston’s birthday. She tells CNN, “We were there just as much if not more than our own house. The people at the hospital became our family.”



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