Woman Climbs Into Lion Exhibit in Bronx Zoo

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Woman Climbs Into Lion Exhibit in Bronx Zoo

Facing off with a lion is not something most people would want. This isn't true for a woman at the Bronx Zoo, though, as a viral Instagram video shows how Myah Autry, 32, stood mere inches from an African lion and proceeded to wave her arms around in front of it. 


According to CBS News, a website offering the latest breaking news and headlines, the lion was male and could have possibly attacked her as male lions tended to be territorial. Though the lion did not attack, it was still a dangerous thing to do, for any human coming into the enclosure as close as Wallace did. 


Photo Credit via realsobrino on Instagram


This incident, which happened on Saturday, worried countless citizens as well as the Bronx Zoo, which housed the lion. In a statement, the Bronx Zoo stated that the lion could have even killed  Autry then and there. 


Predictably, police tried to locate the trespasser and found that it was not going to be so hard, as Autry herself even posted about the encounter on her Instagram where she boasted that she has “no fear of nothing breathing” and that “animals can feel love just like humans.” 


It’s a worthy feat, except the lions weren’t there because they were not loved--they were there because they were wild animals that could bring very serious consequences to anyone who came too close, like Autry did. 


What’s more, adds the New York Post, a daily newspaper in New York, Autry also went into other animal enclosures to try and keep promoting her “animals need love too” crusade, as she stood inside a giraffe enclosure and remarked how similar her diet was to the giraffe. 


Both incidents are not going to be overlooked by the zoo so easily. As a result, Autry is going to have to answer to trespassing sanctions. 


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“This action was a serious violation and unlawful trespass that could have resulted in serious injury or death. Barriers and rules are in place to keep both visitors, staff and animals safe. We have a zero tolerance policy on trespass and violation of barriers,” the management of the Bronx Zoo told CBS News.



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