Seven House Decorating Tips for Small Home Owners

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Seven House Decorating Tips for Small Home Owners


With cities becoming more and more crowded and living spaces getting smaller in order to fit more people, sometimes the chance to make an apartment feel homey without it getting cluttered becomes a problem. It’s challenging, for sure, especially since many people feel guilty decorating their houses if they know it’s too small. 


Fear not: decorating a small house should not at all feel like a chore or an impossible dream. You just have to know how to accentuate the qualities of your small living space. Here are some tips to show you how. 


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Use Leggy Furniture


The first thing to remember when decorating your small space is that the smallness of it shouldn’t be as daunting as you think. There are easy things to remember when buying furniture for a small house and one of them is carefully selecting furniture that creates the illusion of space: furniture with legs.


According to Upcyclist UK, a website offering news and information on eco-friendly and repurposed furniture, simply opting for a sofa with visible legs ups the chances of making the room feel more spacious. 



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Utilize Reflections


Another sure-fire way of making sure that your house feels as spacious as you can make it is through the use of mirrors and glass coffee tables. The glass coffee table ensures that the illusion of space is perpetuated because the table allows for people to see the floor. It works the same way as leggy furniture. 


Additionally, House Beautiful, an interior decorating magazine, says using mirrors aligns with this illusion as well. It’s a reliable interior design choice as well has been helping small house owners have living spaces that feel “larger, lighter, and airier” despite being unconventionally small.



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Put Curtains Up Higher


Making sure floors are seen and accentuating the space with unobtrusive glass coffee tables is one thing, but what can truly take your small house to the next level is the use of floor to ceiling curtains that can make the walls feel high and dramatic. According to Decoraid, an award-winning interior design service, the use of dramatically high curtains can even be just the focal point of a small space and not much else. It can be really effective. 



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Don’t Be Afraid to Go Small


At this point, we’ve already accepted the fact that our houses are small and it’s only right to embrace the fact that we should not be afraid of smaller furniture to go with it. Both Decoraid and Upcyclilst suggest using small tables, even foldable ones still with an elegant flare. For instance, a simple drop leaf design that’s simple and understated will already work wonders. 


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Invest in Bespoke Shelves


The key to a small house is an efficient use of space. Tailor-made shelves are just the thing you need if you want to make sure to use every available nook and cranny for storage. Just remember not to stack each shelf or crevice with too many items. Part of using bespoke furniture in a small house is also knowing which stuff to display and which stuff should remain in storage. 



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Go Neutral


It shouldn’t be much of a surprise but white has always been known to make rooms and halls feel more spacious. Accentuate this by investing in neutral-toned furniture. You can still add a pop of color for a little bit of a flare but use them in tandem with the white, careful that they don’t overshadow each other so it’s overall easy to the eyes.



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Bigger, Fewer


And what if you really, really want a Queen-sized bed after all this time? That after years of living with your many siblings, all you really want is a spacious bed on which to crash without the fear of mushing someone else? House Beautiful says that’s okay but pair it with sparse furnishing. “It may seem counterintuitive,” writes Hadley Mendelsohn, “but outfitting a small space with just a few large-scale pieces (rather than a mishmash of pint-size furniture) can actually make it feel grander.” 



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