Girl Walks Through Subzero Forest To Get Help For Grandmother

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Girl Walks Through Subzero Forest To Get Help For Grandmother


Living in a frozen city filled with wolves, bears, and other predators is a scary thought for people who haven’t lived in this kind of environment. But for a four-year-old kid, the sub-zero mountain was not a reason not to help her grandmother, who was in dire need of aid.

In a report by Independent UK, a British online newspaper established as a politically independent national morning newspaper, they stated that a four-year-old girl from Siberia walked eight kilometers through the snowy forest just to call for help for her sick grandmother. Unfortunately, the grandmother died later due to a heart attack. 


Photo Credits: @ScherbSep (via Twitter)


The young girl bravely crossed the frozen mountain knowing that the place is filled with bears and wolves, and it also has a temperature below freezing point. She made the journey through remote areas of southern Russia after she found out that her mother was lying motionless. 


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Saglana, the four-year-old child, is now said to be living alone with her other older relatives and her blind grandfather. The kid’s heroic journey managed to plunge her mother deep into a criminal case as the Investigations Department of the Republic of Tuva accused the mother of leaving a minor in danger. 


Photo Credits: @zabakaru/Twitter (via Independent UK)


The mother also faces an investigation from childcare and custody services as to why the child was left alone with her weak and elderly relatives. Reports say that the young girl’s journey happened in February, when the temperature reached an average of -26 degrees Celsius in Tuva. In reports on Russian social media, netizens suggested that the forest might have been as cold as -34 degree Celsius. 

Even though it happened in the first quarter of the year, the journey was only confirmed by the authorities recently. It has also been confirmed that the young girl suffered from ‘general hypothermia’, but she didn’t have any life-threatening effects on her body.