Get Paid To Be A Fudge Taster In A Confectionery Company

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Get Paid To Be A Fudge Taster In A Confectionery Company


Finding a job is not so easy these days. People run around just to get their applications processed, while some of those who already have their jobs are not so fond of them as well. However, a fun new job is now being offered online!

Mirror UK, a British national daily tabloid newspaper founded in 1903, reported on their website that a confectionery company us now looking for a professional fudge taste-tester. The confectionery company called STIRRD called the job "Chief Chewing Operator" or CCO. 

The title also comes with the responsibility of collaborating with the development team in making the next exciting seasonal treats including the flavors salted maple and mince pie fudge. Reports have said that the treats will be sent straight from the production line to the tester, so that it will retain the melt-in-the-mouth flavor quality. 


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It is also a plus if you seem comfortable in front of the camera because the taste tester will also be the star of the company’s video campaign. In the video, the lucky candidate will express how much they love the handmade sweets.


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Although the pay is not yet mentioned, reports say that it is negotiable depending on the tester’s experience. This is why applicants must have a delectable history of eating and loving fudge, and the ability to communicate how yummy it is.

“As flavor always comes first for us, we’re looking for a candidate to embody the STIRRD experience. From the all-butter fudge classic to juicy coconut squares, we’re on the lookout for someone who isn’t scared to sink their teeth into our flippin’ amazing product,” Rachel Best, Brand Manager at STRRD, said.


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This is a great opportunity for Fudge fans who want to turn their love for the sweet treat into something more serious -- something that will earn them money.