This Woman’s Food Prep Hailed for Simplicity and Ease

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This Woman’s Food Prep Hailed for Simplicity and Ease


Sometimes it can feel like a real bummer to wake up and have to prepare your kid’s meal for school. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re a bad mother, or that other mothers who find this part of the day exciting are the better ones, it just means that what mothers out there probably need is a system that works for both their jam packed motherly duties as well as their childrens’ classes.


Photo Credit via theeagerteacher on Instagram

This common problem is something that Sarah Hornung of Buffalo is also experiencing, and so she shared her refrigeration organization technique on Instagram. From the image that Fox News included in the news article, Hornung shared on her Instagram, theeagerteacher, a photo of her fridge shelves stocked full with oranges, bell peppers, peeled cucumbers and baby carrots, a container of grapes and even some of various snacks. 


Hornung calls this the “Sunday Self-serve” too, in addition to meal-prep for when school starts again. 


Why does she call it self-serve, you may ask? Well, for Sarah, she wants her children to have any snack they want from the fridge and it’s prepared in a way that will appeal to them. Even though they might not like the vegetables right away, Sarah explains that it’s better to store them in the fridge this way to at least up the chances of their being eaten. 


Sarah’s reasoning for this is simple: “I could leave baby carrots in a bag or leave the grapes on the stems but they wouldn’t eat it.” 


As of now, the post has already garnered 84,000 likes, 32,000 comments, and 115,000 shares on Facebook. It also made rounds on Instagram, of course, gaining 2,900 hearts as most commenters lauded Sarah’s efforts and “sounded off on how they similarly keep the kitchen organized for their own busy, healthy families.”


After her simple fridge hack went viral, Sarah expresses that it really was something she did not expect would happen. 


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“I am shocked at how viral it became,” Sarah tells Today as reported Fox News, “but the more I read the comments from people, the more I understand it. Everyone can relate to throwing out untouched produce at the end of the week and most parents find themselves in some kind of negotiation with kids over food on the regular.”



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