People Are Calling Out these 'Sexist' Greeting Cards

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People Are Calling Out these 'Sexist' Greeting Cards


A photo of a pair of sexist greeting cards went viral on Twitter and drew flak from people who, rightfully, felt that the message written was a little too outdated.


Photo Credit via Natasha Hodgson on Twitter

In an image shared by Twitter user and artistic director Natasha Hodgson, one pink, and one blue greeting card with gender role-specific messages. The pink one with a “You’re the kind of girl I’d buy flowers for” note, and the blue one with a “You’re the kind of boy I’d make a sandwich for” note. 


As reported by Independent UK, a British online newspaper, the circulating photo had only gotten negative reactions from the 19,000 people who liked the photo on Twitter. The main concern is that the cards held ideas that were supposed to be abolished, “deploying archaic tropes that portray men and women as financially and domestically servile, respectively.” 


Users called out not only the sexism of it but the absurdness of such an idea. One user asked sarcastically if the card implied he would not be allowed to cook dinner or make a sandwich for his wife any longer, while another one dragged the printed message on the card as being a relic of the 1950s. 


Although Hodgson refused to name the store where she saw the cards, other users have also come forward to show their own sexist product finds. A user replied with Hodgson’s post with an image of two magazines. One, called “Girl’s Life,” talked predominantly of fashion and make-up, while the “Boys’s Life” magazine cover was squeezed with robots and laptops. 


Photo Credits via @jessfox12 and @Woojwh on Twitter


While one user’s concern was the two completely unnecessary versions of the children’s storybook “Out and About”--one was for girls and the other was for boys, for some reason.


This goes to show that there are still so many things we need to do to ward off sexism that, more often than not, does not get noticed and so manifest in these ways. 



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