Simple and Effective Ways to Help The Environment

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Simple and Effective Ways to Help The Environment


Greta Thunberg is a young and willful child who went out of her way to help enlighten the world about the realities of climate change. However, with the accolades also came the criticisms from those who doubt her intentions and don’t believe that there is a threat to the world.

While there are scientists who have disputed the notion of global warming, a majority of them do so, and recent developments around the world are proof that climate change caused by human activities is real. 

Fortunately, Thunberg is not a lone voice in the wilderness. Recently, a lot of students marched for the environment, calling out the big corporations and the governments to take a stand against climate change. For most of us who have other things to attend to and can’t march on the streets, we can also take part in helping save the environment by doing simple things that could have a positive effect on the world.


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Make Do With Reusable Bags

As an individual, we make our own environmental footprints every day. Fast Web, a premier online resource for paying and preparing for college, shared on their website that plastic grocery bags usually end up in landfills. Worse, these plastics can reach the oceans and other bodies of water if not disposed of properly.

Reusable bags should help in reducing the amount of plastic bags thrown out. These reusable bags can also help your budget as some stores give discounts to customers who bring along reusable bags when they shop.



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Don't Print

If you’re a student, you must know of a particular teacher who prefers to have materials printed out. Reason with them that doing so means using up paper that in the future will become trash, so maybe you can just use your smartphone, laptop, or tablet for those materials instead. If there’s really a need to print them out, ask the teacher if it is okay to print on both sides of the paper.



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The Fast Web noted that recycling is a simple thing to do, yet many people forget or even refuse to do it simply because they are hard-headed and set on their ways when it comes to supposedly single-use items. But anyone of us will be able to find other use for things instead of just throwing them away. All it takes is a but a small effort.



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At the end of the semester, students normally find a stack of school papers have accumulated. Instead of throwing them away, these papers can be reused or even sold to the shops. As for educational materials, these can be given to other students who may still need them. 



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Save Water and Electricity

This is a practical one. Not only can you help save the environment, but it also helps you save money. Use energy-efficient light bulbs that last longer than regular ones, and turn them off when not needed. Make sure pipes and faucets have no leaks and that appliances around the house are unplugged from power outlets when not in use. 



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Take Public Transportation

Now that the holidays are coming, the traffic situation is sure to get worse as more cars take to the road for shopping. To avoid traffic and parking hassles, take public transportation. This will also lessen the pollution brought about by cars stuck in traffic.



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Bring Reusable Containers to the Store

There are now a lot of stores and restaurants that are doing their part to save the environment, and they do this by encouraging their customers to bring reusable containers for food products so that they won’t have to serve them in plastic bags or Styrofoam containers.



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