Man Given Snoring Care Packages to Hand Out to Fellow Passengers

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Man Given Snoring Care Packages to Hand Out to Fellow Passengers


Alan Tattersall's 17-year-old stepdaughter was worried that her stepfather's chronic snoring would bother fellow passengers on a 32-hour flight to Texas. She came up with an idea to hopefully compensate for the disturbance Alan might cause: a snoring care package.

UNILAD, a British internet media company and website that provides "social news" and entertainment, reports that Grace Smith and her mom, Ros, made 10 mini care packages for her stepdad to give passengers on the flight. It included two chocolate bars, a pair of earbuds, and handwritten apologies.


Photo Credit: Kennedy News and Media


Alan, who flew to Houston for a business trip, didn't understand how loud his snoring could be that it prompted his stepdaughter and wife to make care packages. Nevertheless, the 62-year-old still brought the packages with him and handed them out.

"They were very cheeky making the care packages for me. I knew I snored but I didn’t think for a moment it was that bad," he said. "I was flying from Melbourne to Houston—it’s quite a long flight. On the way back it was about 32 hours, including three stopovers, so I thought I’d better give them out."

Explaining the idea, Grace said there would be times that Alan's snoring will be pretty loud, which "can be pretty serious" when he's falling asleep. She added that the snoring was in "full swing" the night before the flight, which convinced them to make the packages.


Photo Credit: Kennedy News and Media


"I’d heard of mums giving out little care packages when they have babies on planes, acknowledging that their infants might be crying," she said, as quoted by UNILAD.

Alan is used to his stepdaughter "joking around," Grace added, so the initiative was taken in good spirits. In fact, some of the passengers even thought the idea was quite funny.

"I handed a packet to the last person and she opened it up straight away and read the note," Alan said. "The others just thought it was strange and didn’t know what to say, but she chuckled to herself."