Woman Born With No Legs And Abandoned At A Temple Is Now A Hollywood Actor

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Woman Born With No Legs And Abandoned At A Temple Is Now A Hollywood Actor


Kanya Sesser proved that there is nothing that will stop her from achieving her dream. Born with no legs and abandoned near a Buddhist temple when she was still a little baby, Kanya is an example of someone having an extraordinary start in life. 

In an article published by the UNILAD UK, a company provides "social news" and entertainment, shared on their website that the now 26-year-old model for athletics and lingerie companies, did not allow her disability to define her and crush her spirits. She managed to challenge the preconceptions of society about beauty and ability. Kanya Sesser showed that she can be on top of the game as a model and an actor. 


Photo Credits: @kanyasesser (via Instagram)

She works as a stunt-woman who starred in hit shows such as Hawaii Five-O, Code Black, and The Walking Dead. Her motto says “no legs, no limits’, which for Kanya means, ‘anything is possible’. This motto inspired her to achieve impossible things as she continues to follow her dreams, after experiencing a sad story early in her life. 


Photo Credits: @kanyasesser (via Instagram)


According to the reports, Kanya was found near a Buddhist temple in Pak Chong, Thailand, when she was just a few months old. The model/actress also shared that she was found in the early hours of September 13, 1992. Fortunately, she was immediately found and the baby was taken to a nearby hospital until she was brought to a foster family in Bangkok. 

Baby Kanya, moved to Oregon, U.S. after an adopted family decided to raise her. Due to her differences, she struggled to adapt to life in America. “During the first year of being adopted, it was hard to connect with my family. My first language was Thai, I had to learn English and I didn’t develop full English until I was about nine years old,” Kanye said in an interview with UNILAD.



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