Parents Criticized After Sharing Video Of Child Jumping Off Bed

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Parents Criticized After Sharing Video Of Child Jumping Off Bed


There are a lot of videos circulating that show cute and warm clips on social media apps. These apps helped a lot of adorable videos about cute family bonding. However, sharing these videos are also becoming a way for a lot of netizens to criticize the users as they see unusual content.

Photo Credits: @svetasidananas (via Instagram)

For example, a mum received a lot of backlash from the netizens after she shared a video. The UNILAD UK, a company provides "social news" and entertainment, reported on their website that Sveta Ananas, a Russian social media star who currently has more than 50k Instagram followers shared on the social media account the slow-motion video with her husband. The clip was made to celebrate her husband’s achievement after achieving 1 million views on a video app called TikTok. 

In the video, Sveta can be seen jumping off a mattress going into her husband, Andrei’s, arms and smiling for the camera as he successfully catches her. However, after the social media star jumped, her two-year-old son, Gabriel seems like stealing off her spotlight and copied her actions. 


Photo Credit: @svetasidananas (via Instagram)


The little guy leaped off the bed into the air after her. Gabriel fell towards the floor, fortunately before landing on the mattress. He gets thrown back into the air eventually, and after he landed on his head and toppled over. The young daredevil seemed like he enjoyed it very much because when he got up, he smiled at his parents as they released each other from their embrace and grinned at each other.

Fortunately, there are no signs that little Gabriel was injured in the video. But there are still concerned citizens who criticized the parents for their child being exposed to a dangerous situation. Some users described the couple as ‘lucky’ because their baby didn't break its damn neck. They, however, slammed them for being more concerned about their TikTok views than their children’s welfare. 




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