Student Found A Huge Python On Top Of His Coffee Machine

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Student Found A Huge Python On Top Of His Coffee Machine


Many people need their cup of coffee before functioning properly for their day. But it turns out, even reptiles also need that coffee after a student was stunned to see a huge python in the espresso machine. According to a report by the Daily Mail UK, a British daily middle-market newspaper, the huge snake seems to be chilling around the coffee machine. 

The terrifying and shocking ordeal happened when a university student wakes up one morning and finding out that there is a huge python beating him out to the coffee machine. The news went viral after the pictures of the snake were posted on the Brisbane Snake Catchers Facebook page. 

Photo Credits: Brisbane Snake Catchers/Facebook (via DailyMail UK)

“A uni student in Brisbane spotted a large snake his bedroom yesterday afternoon, with no luck finding it, he decided to stay at a friends’ house for the night, hoping it would leave on its own,” Brisbane Snake Catchers said in the Facebook post. The student decided to leave to go to school, but when he returned home today, he noticed that the snake was still in his bedroom.


Photo Credits: Brisbane Snake Catchers/Facebook (via DailyMail UK)

It also shows that the python made a comfortable spot while he was gone. The student also found out that he is snoozing on top of his microwave. After it went viral, a lot of social media users made fun of the event. Some of them said that the reptile looked comfortable that it would put them off making coffee. “I think that machine needs descaling,” one user said. 


Photo Credits: Shutterstock


Some of the users also became terrified because of it, “About the only time I’d skip my morning coffee.” The snake was later confirmed as a carpet python which, fortunately, is a harmless one. These kinds of snakes are also active until the next winter, and the animal was safely relocated to another area where it would be safer. 




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