Man Proposes To Girlfriend On A 15-Mile Bike Ride

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Man Proposes To Girlfriend On A 15-Mile Bike Ride


There are a lot of viral videos that show crazy and romantic proposals all over the internet. Proposals, either big or small, are still capable of melting anyone’s heart and making them shed a tear or two. For example, a man from Texas managed to make a grand gesture for his girlfriend, now fiancee, by cycling around on a wild 15-mile bike ride. 


Photo Credits: Shutterstock, a website that provides news about celebrity and human-interest stories, shared on their website that Jon Blaze came up with the idea since he knew that he and Thao Nguyen shared a passion for cycling. Blaze also mentioned in an interview with KTRK that the sparks happened when they met on Valentine’s Day in 2016. 


Photo Credits: (via Jon Blaze)


“We ride together at least twice a week. We also lead multiple social rides in Houston,” Blaze said in an interview with the news outlet. Jon Blaze also posted his attempt to propose on his Instagram account, @CyclingCouple, where he managed to spell out clearly the words, “marry me.” This is also the account where they post their trips together traveling and riding their bicycles. 

The ride started in Buffalo Bayou Park in Houston where he took Nguyen on a route that would eventually spell out his proposals. The route took 15.7 miles in total. “I went from being so annoyed by all the crazy turns we did to being completely shocked and with the biggest smile on my face,” Nguyen said in an interview with ABC13, after finding out about the deliberate and grand proposal.


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The news about the proposal made it to Reddit, where a lot of users were been amazed by Blaze’s effort to make it happen. They also praised Nguyen for playing along with the tedious process of finishing off the proposal. She “played along with that bonkers route, she’s a keeper for sure,” one user said in a Reddit comment.





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