Forensic Artists Brought a Teen Girl Who Died 500 Years Ago Back From the Dead

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Forensic Artists Brought a Teen Girl Who Died 500 Years Ago Back From the Dead


Archaeologists have unearthed a total of 50 bodies at St. Lawrence Church, Jersey. Usually, skulls that have been buried for hundreds of years collapse due to the pressure from the soil. However, the 43rd skeleton they found was completely intact, which is a rare find. Thus, they decided to bring it back to life.


Photo Credit: The Sun


The Sun, a British national daily tabloid newspaper, reported that the skeleton which belonged to a 15-year-old girl was recreated in stunning detail by forensic artists. They named her SK743 since she was the 43rd skeleton found during the excavation. Rosalind Le Quesne, a bio-archaeologist and human osteologist, visually reconstructed the young woman’s face after examining, 3D-scanning, and measuring the skull. 


Photo Credit: Jersey Evening Post


Aside from the girl’s skull, they also found her teeth, head, and shoulders. Experts were able to determine her gender, age, and race due to these findings. Aside from that, they also tracked down details about her diet to produce a visual mock-up of what she may have looked like. According to them, they usually use facial reconstruction software to help "age" missing people. “It's amazing that somebody who died so long ago has actually been sort of brought back to life and we've seen her. And also felt sad for her...that she died young,” she said. 


Photo Credit: The Sun


"So I'm sure that like her family and friends back then would never imagine that so far in the future there'd be another group of people who are mourning her loss as well,” she added.

According to Jersey Evening Post, a local newspaper published in the Bailiwick of Jersey, Le Quesne needed funds for the commission of UK forensic artist Tim Widden, an expert in age-progression imagery and facial reconstructions. He helped her make this project successful. Fortunately, her crowd-funding attempts worked. Le Quesne was able to collect a £750 fee for the reconstruction work which was donated by St. Lawrence Church and parish, Gallaher Architects, John Warrener Plumbing, Ross-Gower Associates, Jersey Heritage, and the Société Jersiaise.



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