55-Year-Old Woman Looks so Youthful She Is Mistaken for Daughter's Sister, Credits Raw Food Diet

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55-Year-Old Woman Looks so Youthful She Is Mistaken for Daughter's Sister, Credits Raw Food Diet


Pilates instructor Alejandra Labastida-Shapiro, 55, is often mistaken as her daughter’s twin. The secret to her youth? Avoiding processed products and sugar and consuming raw and organic food, reports Lorraine King of Britain’s national daily newspaper Mirror. Alejandra started living a healthy lifestyle when she was 10 years old, revealing that her father would encourage her to run with him. 

Alejandra grew up with healthy parents, as they use natural remedies and medicinal herbs to prevent sickness and injuries. They also educated her about fitness and diet. “My dad introduced me to exercise when I was a little girl. From a very young age I was aware of the power of natural living,” Alejandra narrates. 


Photo Credit: MDWfeatures/Alejandra Labastid (via Mirror)


Initially, Alejandra chose to live this lifestyle out of vanity, but as she grew older, the 55-year-old shifted her focus to improving her health. She adds, “My lifestyle always had been healthy but has been improving by knowledge and experience and also by observation of my clients' results.” 

Alejandra shares her expertise with others, as well as cements the mindset “age is just a number”— that is if the person has the “right care” for their lifestyle and positive thoughts. Aside from positive thinking, the pilates instructor shares that nutritional balance is also an important aspect of staying healthy. According to Alejandra, she can still do activities that other people her age can’t do, as well as enjoying life with her loved ones. 


Photo Credit: MDWfeatures/Alejandra Labastid (via Mirror)


She shares, “I have to admit that today I need to take care more about what to eat than before, otherwise I can gain weight easier.” Alejandra reveals that she feels healthier and smarter than in her twenties and thirties by learning to stay away from toxic people or situations. “When you do that, the right people appear in your life,” she states.

Now, she advises people to eat more natural food, find the good side in everything, and change one bad habit at a time. Alejandra says, “If for some reason you fall, be nice with you. Start over and be more aware.”




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