4-Year-Old Boy Poses With Doll In A Photoshoot After His Military Dad Was Deployed

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4-Year-Old Boy Poses With Doll In A Photoshoot After His Military Dad Was Deployed


4-year-old Jynsen Fitz loves dirt biking and roughhousing with his two older brothers, however, his favorite hobby is taking care of his baby doll named Three, explains Rachel DeSantis of celebrity and human interest website People. His love for Three went viral after the 4-year-old requested his mom, photographer Ashley Fitz, to take photos of him with his doll. 

Ashley, who owns Ashley Mae Photography, said on Facebook that she frequently takes photos of newborns — and it appears Jynsen took notice of his mom’s preferred niche. Ashley wrote, “This evening as I was editing, my youngest son informed me that his baby girl, named ‘Three,’ has not had her pictures taken.” She warned him that Three was slightly too old to do “all of the curly newborn poses.” 



Photo Credit: Ashley Mae Photography LLC (via Facebook )


The doll was special, as Ashley picked her out from the toy store for Jynsen after his military father was deployed.  Ashley tells media platform Today Parents, “When he deploys, I like to take our boys to Walmart to get them something special to brighten their day or make them feel a bit better,” as quoted by Terri Peters. They were looking for toys in the boys' department, but Jynsen wandered to the doll section, choosing a baby doll and picking out a stroller and bottles. 

Jynsen was attached to Three while his dad was away. Now, he hasn’t given Three “as much attention” as before since Ashley’s husband has returned from deployment. However, Jynsen still likes to play with Three on the playground. “He has even tried to breastfeed her — that he learned from his mommy,” Ashley notes. 



Photo Credit: Ashley Mae Photography LLC (via Facebook)


The mother of three posted more photos of Jynsen’s nurturing side, with him pushing Three’s stroller and strapping her in a backpack. Most of the responses Ashley received have been positive. Sadly, there were people who criticized Jynsen for playing with a doll of a different race. Ashley counters, “I always stand up for him and I always will. I am teaching him to love no matter the color.”




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