Woman Dresses Up As a Bush to Capture Sister's Wedding Proposal

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Woman Dresses Up As a Bush to Capture Sister's Wedding Proposal


Therese Merkel from Wisconsin, United States wanted to capture her sister’s boyfriend’s proposal by dressing up as a bush and squatting close to the couple, writes Faima Bakar of the UK’s highest-circulating newspaper Metro.

In the images Therese shared on Twitter, she was shown in her bushy costume made from “bits of string, straws and leaves for dramatic effect.” It was worth the effort, as Therese managed to take a photograph of the moment when Rachel realized she was being proposed to. It was taken in the dark, with Rachel holding her hands to her mouth in disbelief as her boyfriend Andrew asked to marry her. 



Photo Credit: @theresemerkel/Twitter (via Fox 46)


The images went viral, garnering more than 170,000 likes. Users commented that they would do the same. Therese captioned, “Sister got engaged this weekend and I dressed as a bush in the wilderness to watch/capture the moment. We are one year apart…why are our lives so different?” Interestingly, Andrew’s siblings acted as “guards” during the act, swatting passersby away from the covert photographer. 

Therese states that along with Andrew, they had been planning the act a month before, revealing that Andrew asked for her approval to marry Rachel. Therese is like the “second string of  parents he had to go to.”

“And then we had to come up with something great for this huge moment. We tossed some ideas back and forth and had the basics down like location and that I had to somehow be there videotaping it,” she adds. 



Photo Credit: @theresemerkel/Twitter (via Metro)


Initially, Andrew and Therese floated the idea of the former pretending to be a paramedic who would show up at the park to treat an “injured” Rachel and propose. Eventually, the duo agreed to have Therese dress up as a bush, even going as far as changing Andrew’s name to “Andrea.” This was done so that Rachel would not recognize who Therese was texting. 

Other siblings and friends were impressed with the idea and promised to do the same.



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