7 Platonic Pairings to Love in Movies 

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7 Platonic Pairings to Love in Movies 


Love doesn’t always have to be the romantic kind for people to appreciate it. Many movies with characters involved in platonic relationships are well-loved to this day. Here are just a few of them and the characters that have made viewers swoon nevertheless. 


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(Amélie & Nino)

Amélie may be a naive little girl from Paris, but she has a lot of light in her. Granted, she kind of becomes a little stalker-y toward the end but overall, the movie is sweet. According to movies and entertainment website Taste of Cinema, this film by Jean-Pierre Jeunet is “a movie for everyone.” Of particular focus is Amélie’s platonic relationship with Nino. Throughout the story, her interest in Nino progresses to the extent that she even “dissolves into a puddle of water” at the sight of him. 


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I'm Juli

(Daniel & Juli)

How about a little angst coupled with great characters and great writing? This story is about a man named Daniel and a girl named Juli, who have known each other for quite some time and whose relationship will be at the center of the story. 

Daniel is a shy teacher who’s down on his luck with women. He falls in love with a beautiful Turkish woman named Melek, whom he wants to follow to Istanbul thinking it is his one chance to finally find love. Later in the story, it is revealed that Juli actually has deep feelings for him. But since it’s platonic love, do not expect a steamy romance.


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Finding Nemo 

(Marlin & Dory)

Of course, who can forget Dory and her amazing partnership with buddy and co-adventurer Marlin? “Finding Nemo” surely taught us a great many things, including fatherhood, what it means to truly care about someone, maturity, and the most important thing of all: friendship. 

In this case, Marlin and Dory’s friendship is the most adorable of them all. What started out as an antagonistic first meeting grew to become a well-loved pairing that withstood the test of time and even into the sequel. That’s big, considering sequels are believed to be generally of lower quality compared to the original. 


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(Ralph & Vanellope Von Schweetz)

This may be yet another cartoon entry but there really is a lot to be learned in them, what with their simplified storyline and depiction of concepts and ideas. According to online publishing platform Medium, this all-ages romp has taken one step forward into the discussion of friendship: maturity, especially covered in the sequel. It’s apparent that Ralph and Vanellope’s friendship is important to each of them for different reasons. The second movie was able to tackle this friendship in a novel way, taking concepts such as being friends with someone while also watching them grow to be the person they want to be even if that means they become separated. 


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F*cking Åmål/Show Me Love

(Elin & Agnes)

The story starts by introducing to the audience Agnes’ love for Elin but it’s really much more than that, says Taste of Cinema, a movie list website. One character may be a lesbian while the other has a reputation for promiscuity, but these things take a backseat to what is really important in the story, which is the human connection between Agnes and Elin. 

This understated movie directed and written by Lukas Moodysson is a great watch for anyone still confused with the intricacies of budding sexuality. “Maybe all the teenagers in every town feel like nothing is happening in their lives,” writes Tugce Kutlu for Taste of Cinema, “and they will never find love or be understood.”


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Lilo and Stitch

(Lilo & Stitch)

What about our favorite Hawaiian pair, Lilo and Stitch, whose friendship has been with us while we were growing up? As the alien from another planet, Stitch didn’t feel quite so welcome on Earth until Lilo looked past all the strangeness and found a scared little alien inside. In many ways, Stitch is just like us, perhaps minus the, err, extra arms. The story follows Stitch and Lilo’s adventures and their unlikely friendship, which also leads yet more people and aliens to become friends. 


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(Nicholas Wilde & Judy Hopps)

Let it be known that the best platonic relationships usually don’t start that way. This is also the case with Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps from “Zootopia,” two anthropomorphic characters originally on two opposite sides embarking on an adventure. 

When they discover there is more to the other than meets the eye, they become the best of friends in a trial of fire that not only builds their friendship but also discusses important issues like exclusion, xenophobia, and even racism in a way that everyone can understand.




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