Mom Orders Son to Pick Up Trash as Punishment for Littering Caught on Camera

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Mom Orders Son to Pick Up Trash as Punishment for Littering Caught on Camera


Stacey Robertson, Louie’s mother, was shocked to see her son shamed on a Facebook group called “Crimewatch Wirral,” which has 65,000 members, writes Emilia Bona of Britain’s national daily newspaper Mirror based on a report by Liverpool’s daily newspaper The Liverpool Echo. Louie and a group of children were caught on camera littering and “giving a load of mouth.” They were accused of “throwing food and rubbish all over the floor” outside a cafe in West Kirby, England. 

The post addressed the parents of the litterbugs stating: “If these kids are yours then I hope you're proud of them."

Crimewatch Wirral is used as an avenue for angry residents to post about the “behaviors of teenagers on the streets.” However, it’s rare for parents to respond to such posts either to identify themselves or their kids. 


Photo Credit: Liverpool Echo WS (via Mirror)


Stacey did just that not defend her son’s actions. She wrote: “The one in pink is my son Louie. He is 14 and was not brought up like this. He is off school tomorrow and will be doing a day's litter picking come rain or shine.” Stacey added that she will post pictures of Louie and he will apologize to anyone “he has upset.” She will also instruct her son to drop by the cafe during the weekend. “Louie can do a day cleaning, washing dishes, brushing the floor, whatever is needed. I will stay and fully supervise him,” she added. 


Photo Credit: Liverpool Echo WS (via Mirror)


Stacey indeed took her son to pick up litter around their local community center in Leasowe, England for one day. The boy ended up with two black garbage bags filled with plastic bottles, dog waste bags, and glass. However, Louie argued that his behavior was taken out of context. He said that he and his friends had two cones of chips and “he was dared to drink the vinegar from the bottom.” 

He added that he threw the cone and the bag of chips on the floor and told his friends he would go to the post office to purchase a drink, as he could only taste vinegar. Louie also claimed that the lady who posted the pictures spoke to another boy while he was in the chip shop. Despite that, Louie spent the whole day picking up trash, per the orders of his mom.




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