Nurse Loses 12 Stone After Consuming a Diet of "Chicken Nuggets and Chips"

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Nurse Loses 12 Stone After Consuming a Diet of "Chicken Nuggets and Chips"


Mandy Coles from Tavistock, Devon, England, gained 24 stone after years of yo-yo dieting and suffering a hemorrhage after giving birth to her son, writes Bradley Jolly of Mirror, a British daily newspaper. Coles signed up to Slimming World, losing more than 12 stone in 14 months. She was told she could eat anything she wanted, including chicken nuggets and chips. Her weight began to drop off. 

Coles realized that Slimming World’s meal plan could “easily be adapted to suit family life," as she could consume anything from pizzas to roast dinners to chicken nuggets and curry. Coles notes, “With the hundreds of free foods available it really can be adapted to any lifestyle.” The meal plan is easy to follow because it’s not a diet. Rather, it’s a healthy eating plan that promotes “long-term intrinsic lifestyle changes.” 


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“The best bit about Slimming World is nothing is banned. If I want to enjoy an ice cream on my day out with my little boy then I can,” Coles notes. She kept swapping her food choices and increasing her physical activity before successfully transitioning to a new and healthier lifestyle. Cole’s confidence slowly improved, going from hiding behind baggy clothes and fake smiles to genuine happiness and accentuating her figure with her clothes. 


Photo Credit: slimmingworldtavistock / Instagram (via Mirror)


She currently weighs 11.5 stone, but she admits to struggling with her size since childhood.

Coles had a setback when her husband had kidney cancer, as well as an operation for a hernia repair. Despite that, Coles managed to stay on track with adopting a healthy lifestyle. She adds, “The old me would have face planted a box of chocolates and probably drunk a bottle of wine seeking to comfort the sheer feeling of despair.” However, her new extended family gives her love and support in times of hardship. Coles is now helping other people as a Slimming World consultant. 




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