Holiday Company Offers £3,000 for Pet Owners to go On Vacation with their Dog

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Holiday Company Offers £3,000 for Pet Owners to go On Vacation with their Dog


Even though they love their pets unconditionally, owners will likely leave their dogs or cats at home when going on a holiday. The mere thought of the animal getting stressed while traveling or doing damage to a rented accommodation is enough to leave themat home  and just go on vacation alone.

However, a new offering may just ease pet owners' minds about this. Holiday website Snaptrip is offering pet owners to go on multiple trips and is willing to pay £3,000 to do so. Snaptrip is looking for two dogs to visit the company's properties, with all expenses being shouldered by the firm and selected pups earning the title of "Furrfluencer."


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"We’re looking for two dogs with exquisite taste and an eye for detail, to travel with their owners to our dog-friendly properties in locations like Cornwall, Wales, and the Lake District," Snaptrip said on their website, as quoted by UNILAD.

"Once they arrive, we’d like them to review them in terms of how suitable they are for dogs."

Criteria for canine candidates are:

• Dogs must either be between six months to three years old or four to 10 years old.
• Must be in good health.
• Must be photogenic.
• Must have impeccable taste.


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The chosen Furrfluencers will visit 10 properties for 12 months for free. All they (mostly the owners) have to do is explore the area and provide a detailed review for dog-friendliness of the property. This includes dog enjoyment, dog practicality, access to local walks, and dog-friendly establishments such as pubs and garden spaces. Owners will be paid £300 per review—a total of £3,000 after the visits.

For their human counterparts, the owners need to take a lot of "fantastic photographs" and ensure that each review is at least 500 words long and judges properties based on the given criteria.

Every review will be uploaded to Snaptrip's blog "in the hope it will act as a benchmark for dog-friendly properties on our site, and help customers pick a holiday rental that fits their own and their furry friend’s needs."




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