17-Year-Old Dies After Friend Mistakes Him for Deer

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17-Year-Old Dies After Friend Mistakes Him for Deer


17-year-old Bobby Lane was killed after his friend allegedly mistook him for a deer, fatally shooting him during a hunting trip in Georgia on September 28, reports Char Adams of celebrity and human interest news website People. Police tell People that the teenager was hunting with a group of friends “in a wooded area near 500 block of Myers Hill Road in Glynn County that evening when Bobby was killed.” 32-year-old Hector Romero shot Lane in the chest with a rifle, as he allegedly thought he was a deer. 

A spokesperson for the Glynn County Police Department says, “I don’t know whether [Romero] just saw the bushes moving and shot him. The group loaded him up into a pick-up truck into the bed and took him to the closest gas station, where they met with an ambulance.”


Photo Credit: GoFundMe (via People)


Lane later died at a hospital and no charges were filed. Mark McKinnon, a spokesperson for the Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Law Enforcement Division, states that firearm incidents while hunting are rare in Georgia. Romero could “face an illegal weapons charge,” according to Kim Bellware of Washington-based newspaper The Washington Post. 

Meanwhile, Bobbie Jean Lane, the 17-year-old’s grandmother, was devastated when she found out her grandson had died. She rushed to the hospital, but she did not see Bobby. Bobbie Jean is now wondering how the incident happened. She states, “There’s no deer that stand 6-foot-1 and would be shot directly into the chest. That’s why I’m angry.” Bobbie Jean adds that Bobby did not “deserve to be done this way.” 


Photo Credit: Bobbie Jean Lane on Facebook (via Washington Post)


Family and friends remembered the deceased teenager on social media. Bobby’s cousin, Michael Rawling, created a GoFundMe page for the family. Rawling wrote, “Gunna miss this little man like crazy. The kid that lived his life way too fast.” He explained that Bobby “grew up way before he needed to." Bobby was gone at 17, but Rawling promised he would not forget him. 




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