Mom Tied Up Son With Autism and Set Him on Fire

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Mom Tied Up Son With Autism and Set Him on Fire


On September 28, 2017, police were informed that something was burning in Amelia Di Stasio’s apartment. They noticed smoke coming from her room, coming from the stove. At first, the firefighters believed that it was only a burning pile of clothing in the bathtub. They didn’t expect a horrifying discovery – a boy burned to death. 


Photo Credit: All That's Interesting


The boy was Amelia’s 4-year-old son, Antonio Di Stasio. All That’s Interesting, a site for curious people who want to know more about what they see on the news or read in history books, reported that his arms were bound behind his back with seven belts. A garbage bag was also placed over his head. The autopsy report showed that Antonio had “significant charring” to his skin and thermal injuries “to the majority of his body.”


Photo Credit: All That's Interesting


According to a witness, she heard Antonio say, “Please, Mommy. Stop! I won’t do it again” on the day before the murder. However, Amelia said, “Shut up.” Another witness reported that she saw a woman jump from the windowsill of the apartment the day of the boy’s death. An open bottle of cooking oil was also found in the bathroom.

Amelia was not at the scene when the police arrived. They began searching for her and found her walking down W. Wisconsin Avenue in Milwaukee. She will now face charges for first-degree murder. The police discovered that earlier that day, Amelia approached a man at a bus stop, asking if he knew a pastor. She wanted someone to repent to because she “did something really bad,” and she “never did anything like that before.”


Photo Credit: All That's Interesting


According to The Sun, a tabloid newspaper published in the UK, Amelia had searched "How do canabals [sic[ die" and "How to kill a canabal [sic]" on her phone. It was also reported that she visited a message forum for a cannibal-themed computer game. People there suggested that cannibals like to "bathe in oil" and "kill it with fire!"




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