Mom's Treatment to Remove Stretch Marks Results In Scarring

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Mom's Treatment to Remove Stretch Marks Results In Scarring


Ellen Scott of the UK’s highest-circulating newspaper Metro writes that 30-year-old mom Amiee Ward was insecure of her stretch marks after pregnancy. She decided to undergo a £400 ($491) treatment to remove them. Unfortunately, the treatment left her with infected wounds on her stomach. Ward visited Tinks Top to Toe Beauty Parlor last November to “receive a session of fibroblast,” a treatment used to reduce wrinkles and stretch marks.

Since then, Ward has had scars on her belly. She admits, “I felt so insecure about my body and because of my vanity, I have been left with all this scarring. It looks even worse than before.” 


Photo Credit: (via Metro)


She had low self-confidence, which had affected her marriage to the point that she didn't want to be intimate. She felt nervous before having the procedure, but the salon manager, Gemma Richardson, reassured her it would not be painful. On the contrary, fibroblast was extremely painful for Ward. “She did say during the consultation that it would be relatively painless procedure so I was not expecting the pain,” she recounts. 

Ward then picked up her son and her friend told her she looked ill. The mother found out her skin had a lot of “tattoos.” For her, “It was worse than childbirth.” Ward sent a photo of the scars to Richardson, and Richardson told her not to cover her stomach and get it wet. Richardson advised Ward to apply the £25 ($30) cream she bought at the salon.


Photo Credit: (via Metro)


The 30-year-old expected her scabs to fall off after 10 days, but that was far from the truth. Ward states, “After a while it started to smell and look weird. I just knew it looked wrong and wasn’t supposed to be looking like that.” Ward claimed that Richardson started ignoring her messages. Thus, she consulted another beautician out of “desperation.” The beautician told her it wasn’t “normal.” 

Ward regretted her decision, saying she was focused on the end result without thinking of the consequences. She adds, “I wish I had just accepted my body. People should embrace the female body and be proud of their scars.”




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